Invitation to Court – Savoy Residences

Savoy Residences – Invitation to Court

This book is a true Invitation to Court in the Savoy Residences, to discover the splendor of the sumptuos residences that UNESCO has claimed World Heritage Site.

Every chapter is dedicated to one of the twelve baroque residences which, surrounded by amazing gardens, are to be found around the beautiful city of Turin, that in 1600 was the capital of the Duchy of Savoy.

As we read it, we go into the past of the crown of delights and this will allow us to answer many questions that we have often asked ourselves, more or less unconsciously.

We can lift the veil that time has spread over all these things and enter a world about which we actually know very little.

Aided by archival documents we will discover how time was spent there among banquets, dances, games and hunting matches.

How the Court festivals were held there and what was their ceremonial.

How invitations were drafted and how invitations were responded to.

What was eaten and drunk, how the table was set, how the banquets were graced.

An itinerary that we can travel while sitting comfortably, admiring precious images and perhaps enjoying one of the ancient recipes proposed in the book.



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Riceverai in regalo “Spring is back again”

The book is a true Invitation to Court in the Savoy Residences, amid parties, banquets, balls and hunting matches, which will make us relive the atmosphere of the time.

There is no shortage of vintage recipes, chosen from the most curious.